Heart of America Shows provide only the top 
 carnivals for State and County Fairs, 
 Special Events, Festivals and other Promotions 

Heart of America Shows offers a variety of entertainment.  Our Mid-way carnival has numerous rides, games, and food booths.  We cater to all age groups.  There is a variety of children rides for the younger audience, from the Merry-Go-Round to the Gator Roller Coaster.  Plenty of faster and exciting rides for the more adventurous. For a little faster, but still gentle rides, we have the NEW GONDOLA, Swings and the ol' favorites, the Ferris Wheels. For the thrill seekers the Heart of America Shows offers the the TSUNAMI, GRAVITRON, KAMI KAZE and a whole lot more. 

The Heart  of America Shows is large enough to accommodate a county or state event.  

We can also set up for several smaller carnivals simultaneously with the same quality of a show for each one. 

Big or small, we can cater to your entertainment needs!